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Junior Ninja 3 Piece Vert Wall

Junior Ninja 3 Piece Vert Wall

Integrated Obstacle System

  • $ 1,68810

Constructed from high-quality foam cores
Covered with extra heavy-duty, 18 oz. double-coated vinyl fabric
Hook fastener on bottom of each unit designed to be used on Carpet Bonded Foam

  • Sold as a three-piece set:
    - (1) 23"W x 44"L x 20"H - Top
    - (1) 34"W x 44"L x 25"H - Middle
    - (1) 54"W x 44"L x 27"H - Bottom
  • Stacked size: 54"W x 44"L x 72"H

Caution: Resilite Jr. Ninja products are designed to be used in conjunction with Carpet Bonded Foam (CBF). The hook fastener on the bottom of each unit is intended to attach securely to the carpeted surface of the CBF.  Older CBF surfaces may be worn or compressed to the point that it will not hold the hook attachment in place. ALWAYS CHECK TO ENSURE THAT HOOK ATTACHMENT IS SECURELY ATTACHED TO CARPET BEFORE USE; DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES IF UNIT CAN BE DISLODGED FROM CARPET BONDED FOAM!

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