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Pop Up Parkour Pack WFS-PKG1

Integrated Obstacle System

  • $ 1,96758

These Pop Up Parkour Boxes are made to be quickly and easy assembled with minimal manpower. The unique design allows for multiple boxes, beams and pipes to be connected together in numerous configurations to fit any space. No screws, no bolts, just pop the panels together and snug them up with the included rubber mallet. When you're done using them, they quickly tear down and can be stored flat or on a cart. Perfect for hard surfaces & or grass at schools, events or playing in the house.
Package includes:
4 Boxes:
1 - Square Box: dimensions 29" x 29" x 29'
1 - Small Rectangle Box: dimensions 15" x 29" x 29"
1 - 1 Sided Trapezoid Box: dimensions 39" x 29" x 29" x 29'
1 - 2 Sided Trapezoid: dimensions 41" x 29' x 16" 
2 Attachments:
1 - 6ft Beam with Connectors: can be locked in between any 2 boxes
1 - 6ft Pipe with Connectors: can be locked in between any 2 boxes
6 Precision trainers:
3 - Short Floor Balance Trainers: provides a lower flatter landing space
3 - Long Floor Balance Trainers: provides a thinner landing space
Accessories :
1 - Rubber Mallet: for easy dismantling 
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